Digital RMB has become the 18.Jan.2022

Digital RMB has become the "off-site" focus of the Winter Olympic opening ceremony, and these functions have been unlocked

On the evening of February 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium. Digital RMB became a major focus outside the stage of the opening ceremony. The digital RMB service desk located in the audience area of the National Stadium attracted a lot of "traffic".

Bing dwen dwen, a large number of users, has come to the digital store, some of whom have come from the franchise store, want to download the digital RMB App, open their wallets to the franchisee store to buy the ice pier, some have downloaded to consult how to upgrade the wallet, and some foreign consumers want to buy the Winter Olympic theme digital RMB hard wallet. A BOC employee at the scene said.

On February 4, at the digital RMB service desk of the National Stadium, BOC staff introduced the digital RMB to foreign friends attending the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.

It is understood that overseas Chinese do not need to open domestic bank accounts, and can register digital RMB wallets only with their mobile phone numbers. At present, the digital RMB app (soft wallet) has supported the registration and opening of wallets with mobile phone numbers of nearly 100 participating countries and regions. Digital RMB hard wallets also appeared at the Winter Olympics. The soft and hard wallets can be interconnected by "pasting".

Support nearly 100 participating countries and regions to register their mobile phone numbers
Digital RMB wallets are divided into soft wallets and hard wallets. The former is a digital RMB app attached to mobile phones, while the latter is separated from mobile phones, including cards, bracelets, etc.

Among them, the digital RMB app soft wallet has been on the shelves in various mobile app stores in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) at the beginning of this year. It is convenient to open a wallet. Due to the loose coupling characteristics of the bank account of digital RMB, it is not necessary to have a bank account to open a wallet. If consumers only want to make daily small consumption, they can open four kinds of wallets of any operating organization only by using their mobile phone number.

At present, the digital RMB app supports the mobile phone number registration and wallet opening of nearly 100 countries and regions participating in the Winter Olympics. Foreigners who use Apple mobile phones to come to China can register Apple ID in China, search keywords such as digital RMB and ecny through the app store, and find the download and installation of digital RMB app; Foreign visitors using Android phones can go to the official download page of digital RMB (Bank of China provides access to QR code), download the installation package and install it directly.

Consumers can also conveniently obtain digital RMB hard wallets through Bank of China outlets, self-service exchange machines, designated hotels and other channels at the Winter Olympic Games. Hard money can be exchanged in cash or foreign cards, and can be obtained and used anonymously. It is safe, convenient, fully protects personal privacy, and has cultural significance.

Soft and hard wallets can be interconnected by "pasting"

Soft wallet with digital RMB app can also manage hard wallet. For users who have downloaded the digital RMB app, if they have purchased the Winter Olympics Hard Wallet, they can use the "paste a paste" function in the app to "connect" the soft and hard wallet.

The specific operation steps are as follows: open the mobile phone NFC function, open the digital RMB app, select the "paste" function in the "service", keep the hardware wallet close to the mobile phone NFC area, and the mobile phone app can read the hardware wallet information.

After "pasting", you can use the digital RMB app to set the payment password, query the balance and transaction details, recharge, report the loss and cancel the hardware wallet.

Contactless payment is a unique advantage

Consumers use digital RMB hard wallets to "touch" merchants' POS machines across the glass to complete the payment.

A unique advantage of digital RMB is also reflected in non-contact payment. On February 4, in Wumart supermarket in Beijing's Winter Olympic Village, a consumer successfully completed the payment by using the Winter Olympic themed digital RMB Hard Wallet and "touching" the merchant's POS machine across the glass.

Contactless payment can fully meet the epidemic prevention requirements of the Winter Olympics and contribute to the safe Olympics. It is also understood that limited to the provisions of the Winter Olympic brand equity, only visa and cash (in kind RMB and digital RMB) payments are supported in the Winter Olympic venues. For users accustomed to mobile payment, using digital RMB can also save the inconvenience of carrying cash.

During the Winter Olympics, Chinese residents and foreign friends can enjoy the convenience of small mobile payment through rich digital RMB products. From the perspective of coverage, merchants within the red line, hotels contracted for the Winter Olympics and designated hospitals all support digital RMB payment, and merchants with digital RMB logo posted outside the red line can also accept digital RMB.