You first browse our website and select products. When you see the products you are satisfied with, you can order directly on our website. To register as a member, please log in to the mall, fill in the delivery address and contact number in the user center, then place and submit the order directly in the mall, and contact online customer service.
Our mall products will identify futures or spot and specific delivery time on the product introduction page. Accept the appointments.
At present, all the items found on the website can be ordered, but we can only confirm with you when there are products in stock. For some hot-selling products, you can contact customer service to make an arrival notice. After the goods arrive, we will notify you immediately via QQ or email.
Registered users can order online and enjoy preferential member prices. Only registered users can log in to the "Member Center" to use more member shopping functions and manage their own information. Only registered users can inquire about goods and invoice numbers at any time, and track logistics information.
In order to protect the interests of customers, we cannot see your password. When you forget your password, please log in to the registration page and click "Forgot Password", enter the registered email address or mobile phone number. The system automatically sends you the verification code. After submitting the verification code, click "Next" to change the password and confirm that your password change is successful.



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