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一、 Rockminer mining machinery mall shipping instructions

Delivery will be arranged only after the order is paid in full. The delivery service is provided by ups and other third parties. Please note that unless otherwise stated on the website, the delivery time is only an estimate and cannot be guaranteed and should not be used as a basis.

You are responsible for any customs delay or return of goods due to lack of appropriate documents. It is strongly recommended that you understand the local customs clearance policy and prepare all customs documents in advance to avoid delays or unexpected expenses

二、 Rockminer mining machinery mall warm tips:

1. Rockminer mall handles relevant transportation procedures according to customer requirements, and the logistics company delivers goods uniformly. Our responsibilities and obligations are limited to delivering the goods as agreed, assisting customers to inquire about logistics and transportation, and do not bear any other responsibilities. Please refer to the express logistics regulations for all claims. During the whole inquiry period of express logistics, customers shall not claim compensation. The customer needs to verify the detailed address and telephone number of the consignee to avoid delay in delivery.

2. Freight collect. Unless otherwise specified, express logistics generally adopts the method of freight collect, and the freight shall be borne by the customer. The logistics freight of cash on delivery shall be collected by the logistics company.


Goldshell LT5-Pro(Used Miner)

$6,024.00 $7,000.00

Goldshell Mini-DOGE

$800.00 $1,000.00

Goldshell HS5

$7,474.00 $10,000.00


Antminer D7-1157GH/s

$10,222.00 $10,778.00


Avalonminer A1166 (68T)

$4,800.00 $5,500.00

Avalonminer 1166Pro(81T)

$5,403.00 $6,800.00

Avalonminer A1246(90 T)

$8,000.00 $10,000.00



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